Help us to break the special relationship

Newsletter – 26 January 2017
Help us to break the special relationship

Today Theresa May goes to Washington. Any civilised or sensible government would be breaking links with President Trump but our PM is rushing to be the first foreign leader to meet him. As Trump’s aggressive foreign policy – which has already led to further bombing in Syria and Iraq – becomes ever clearer it is urgent that we end the special relationship now.

Stop the War Convenor Lindsey German said: ‘Trump wants to increase military spending and the level of nuclear weapons. He also support torture. The special relationship has never benefited the people of Britain. With this president it will be positively harmful and should be ended.’

Thousands have already signed our petition calling for the end to the special relationship.
Sign the petition now
Circulate it online and in your community, workplace, college (you can download a copy here).
Organise a street stall this weekend calling for an end to the special relationship
Set up an anti-war meeting where you are – contact us at for help with speakers, titles, publicity.
Join Stop the War now

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