York WWI Day School Recordings

York First World War Day School held on Saturday 1st November 2014 – Recordings

The Purpose of the day-school was to provide an alternative to Government plans for a  ‘celebration of the national spirit’; to counter romantic, populist, & nationalist propaganda; to oppose history which serves to facilitate future wars; and to offer explanation in place of commemoration. We regret there are no recordings for the contributions of John Rees and Donny Gluckstein.

John Westmoreland – Introduction

Steve Cox – WWI in the Middle East and the Legacy

Paul Davies & Friends – Trench Songs: Commentary & Performance

Lindsey German – The Suffragettes & the War

Owen Clayton – A Critical Assessment of the War Poets

Chris Fuller – Industrial Unrest, the Labour Movement & the War

Cyril Pearce – The Anti-War Movement & The Great War

Charlie McGuire – Ireland & WW1

John Westmoreland – Plenary

John Westmoreland – Plenary (Continuation)

IN THE PLENARY SESSION: All contributors will be asked to briefly respond to the following questions:
(A) What relevance does the First World War have for anti-war campaigning today?
(B) What should we be doing over the next four years in response to the official government ‘commemoration’?

Organised by: York Against the War                                     yorkagainstthewar.org.uk

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