Towards a Sustainable Security

19th December 2016

One of the priorities for Oxford Research Group in 2017 will be the development and piloting of a Sustainable Security Index. Thanks to a generous new three-year grant from our long-time supporters at the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation, we are now well on our way to launching this important tool for popularising the concept of Sustainable Security and mapping the practical policy action required of states to build and sustain real human security.

The Index project will develop a data analysis and visualisation tool that tracks and maps the net impact that each country has on global common security. It will do this through the collation and presentation of a large body of data, much of it sourced from other research organisations. This will range from data on military expenditure, arms exports and involvement in foreign conflicts, through quantity and quality of development aid, to net contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, ecological footprint and respect for democracy and human rights at home and abroad.

The envisaged benefits of the Index include popularisation of the concept of Sustainable Security, easy visualisation of state performance, and the development of state champions of Sustainable Security which can be lauded for their progressive international policy approaches. It will also allow ORG and other think tanks and NGOs to think through what joined up policies are necessary for countries to make the transition towards responsible global citizenship.

In 2017, as much of the world doubles down on ‘national security’ policies and ever less sustainable approaches to the environment and conflict management, we think such an Index has never been more valuable.
We are seeking co-funding to maximise the impact of the Index. If you or a trust or foundation you know of would be interested in contributing to the costs of such an important project, please contact Richard Reeve, Director of the Sustainable Security Programme to find out more details.

Image credit: Pixabay

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