Jeremy Corbyn Speech at Stop Trident Demo London


Published on 29 Feb 2016
UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been a long term member of CND. Here he condemns replacement of Trident Missile system in UK. Trident and security – Not only are these weapons immoral, potentially genocidal and strategically irrelevant in the face of the realistic threats we face today, they are also hugely expensive. The Government’s National Security Strategy identifies international terrorism, cyber-attacks and natural hazards as greater threats than nuclear war.
Trident and its cost – The government is in favour of replacing Trident at a cost of around £100 billion. This money would be enough to fully fund A&E services for 40 years, employ 150,000 new nurses, build 1.5 million affordable homes, build 30,000 new primary schools, or cover tuition fees for 4 million students. 
The UK has the poorest weaponry as far as nuclear arsenal goes. This will remain so even if replacement goes ahead. Not only do I think this is an immoral stance to take, it sets a bad example to the rest of the world. Who can blame others for wanting to go nuke when Britain persists?

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